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EasyCapture  v.1.2.0

EasyCapture - EasyCapture free screen capture software

Zapgrab, screen capture for Windows 7  v.Windows7

ZapGrab is a screen capture software.

Exsate DV Capture Live  v.

The most fast and easy to use DV capture software for encoding to DivX AVI WMV in real time. Operates your DV camcorder, batch capture, scenes detection, capture to multiple files. Automatically displays the DV date time stamp within your movie.

Digital Camera Remote Capture  v.20071123

`capture` is a remote capture software currently designed around the Canon PowerShot digital cameras. It can be used interactively from the command-line, wrapped into a script or a

The Open Screen Capture  v.1.0

TOSC is short for The Open Screen Capture - an open source and free screen capture utility for Symbian/UIQ3 phones. Our goal is to create a free and very powerfull, highly customizable screen capture software.

Capturino  v.2.20

Its functionality are very simple, but nevertheless Capturino offers benefits you probably have not found on other capture software.

MyPhotoCapture  v.2.0

MyPhotoCapture is a better photo capture software.It's powerful functions for selecting and copying any items from your computer display are just the beginning.All the general pictures can be input.Convert a collection of images into a TIFF or PDF.

7capture  v.

Fast and easy high quality screen capture software for Windows 7, Vista and XP. Make perfect quality screen capture of the windows' rounded corners and transparent backgrounds and export your capture as semi-transparent PNG, JPEG, GIF or BMP images.

Yildun scanner  v.6.00

Easy, fast and FREE graphics editor/viewer and screen capture software.

SizeMe  v.2.0.0

SizeMe makes it possible to scan a directory and compare it to how many floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD-discs you need. It tries to fill each disc up as much as possible. After that you can then drag the files/directories into your favorite burning software.

BufferZone Security for P2P File Sharing  v.2.10-37

BufferZone Security for P2P File Sharing lets you share and run files of any type using your favorite P2P software with complete safety.BufferZone Security for P2P is the only solution that fully protects your PC against viruses, spyware and other

Animal Fun House  v.5

Animal Fun House 5 provides a good source of animal cartoon clipart. Simply selecting your choice of cartoons from Animal Fun House and pasting them to your favorite office software such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator,

ScreenHunter Free  v.5.0.125

ScreenHunter 5.0 Free is a completely free screen capture software for you to easily take screenshots. ScreenHunter 5 Free is free for unlimited personal and business use. It has no expiration date and can be distributed with free of charge for holly

GTK uvc viewer  v.rc.1.5.0

guvcview is a video viewer and capture software for the linux UVC driver. It is based in luvcview (, but all controls are done with GTK, allowing for a more user friendly

Qastrocam-g2  v.rc

Linux modified webcam capture software for astronomy. This project is a fork from the great Qastrocam, written by F. Sicard ( It adds some features I wrote for

WarMUX  v.11.04.1

Have the mascots of your favorite free software titles battle it out in the Wormux arena using dynamite, grenades, baseball bats, and bazookas. Exterminate your opponent in a 2-D environment with toon-style scenery. Each player controls the team of

QTrace  v.

The only screen capture software you need - Snap a single screenshot or record a sequence of screens - Automatically generate intelligent step-by-step narration - Seamlessly submit tickets to defect tracking and ALM tools


CAPTIGAME is a game video capture software. It will allow you to record your in-game activity including sound as an AVI video file.

JHawkingCam  v.0.6

Java based video capture software for the inexpensive (~$80) Hawking Technologies HNC230G Wireless-G Network camera. Motion detection and archiving of captured still images supported. Catch 'em in the act!

Free Screen Capture  v.2.0

Free Screen Capture is an all-in-one software for free screen capture. You can capture screen in many ways, including full screen capture, region capture, window capture, scroll capture, directx capture, video screen capture, sound record and etc.

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